July 30, 2009: 12:50 AM

I still feel the same. The same symptoms. The inside of my head with lots of pressure pushing on the sides and feeling cold. This pressure starts from my head,  and then goes down lower, it is so strong it feels like its pulling my chest and my inside around my abdomen. When this happens it feels like it ripping my inside or moving everything inside me around. It is so painful when I lay my head on the pillow I feel more pressure on the base of my head.  I can hear the throbbing, shaking sound in my head.  It is so bad, I am afraid to yawn because I dont want to feel more pain. This ditrimental pressure is constantly pushing and pulling on my forehead, sides of head, on the side of my nose and my eyes. I have this horrible waterlike sensation that flows from my head and then goes to the back of my head down through my spine. It happens several times and when it does my body reacts and I squeeze my body for a second as if i was in defense mode. If feels like as if someone were pinching my spine. I also feel like many wires wrapped around the inside of my neck and squeezing it. The wires sensation feels like it is attached to the sides or around my neck and then pull up into my head and when this happens my stomach hurts and Its hard to breathe. I feel so dizzy and my ears feel like there is something leaking out of it. My body feels like its tearing my shoulders apart and so much pain. I feel like the inside of my body is completely numb.