July 19, 2011 - everything update.

My running is at a standstill right now.  Its 90 degrees at 6pm and I am not about to have a heat stroke.  End of that.   I did go out and ran Friday evening around 6pm and Sunday at 9am (the park was having a "polka fest" and the tent was parked right in the middle of the road so I ran around it).   I did ok on Friday, 3.8 miles at 50.41, I beat my time by a full minute.  It sure was hot out.  Had a lot of neighbors who were outside watering their lawns or out in their porches ask me why I was outside in the heat.  I walked some, I ran some.  Sunday was alittle better, it was humid but there was a slight breeze.  I did beat my time again by a full minute and 10 seconds - 49.34.  I will be increasing my mileage this sunday to 4.5 because we will be doing 3.5 next Tuesday.  So, I have a lot of work to do.
I really need to vent about work (which is why I have this in Red).  I was having an ok day, I came in early to set up the DVD camera for taping the classes because Sonja had to go to a meeting over at Buffalo General until 9:30am.  The nurse educators over at Buffalo general are having me do another set of sign in sheets for another inservice.  I like doing them and in a sense I know they will be done right.  About 1:30pm, I get this interesting email from Sonja stating why I never filled up the paper in the copy machine.  She even CC'd Jen on it.  Lets just say, I wasn't very happy that she did that.  Todd was on the copy machine, he can fill up the machine himself.  I didn't know that Kelly had a job in her cue.    After all that happened last week about the "Quality of work" issue I had in her office.  Actually, i was quite upset and tried very much to avoid her unless Jen was around.  thats the last thing I really need is someone "BITCHING" about something I didn't do and cc Jen about it.  I can't stand for it anylonger.     Jen asked me to do some copying last week.  She knows we are all extremely busy and I was trying to catch up on my own work.  She expects us to drop everything that minute to do something she needs done.  If its not done right away, she will constantly ask "are you done yet".  I did make the mistake and said "oh, I forgot".  She did not like that answer whatsoever.  About 3pm, she calls me back into her office again!  Damn...what now.  she said 2 educators said that my "quality of work" isn't up to par.  She did mention about some med supply ordering.  I was the one who emailed her about it when it happened.  I emailed Diane and her and said "I acknowledged my mistake, Im sorry this happened".  Im not happy with our educators right now,  they cannot be pointing fingers at me or any of the other support staff.  Including Sonja - she is turning into the bosses tattletale.  You know what, I was written up for this behavior!!!  I told her that I never got the chance to make things right from last weeks talk.  Damn.   The rate I'm going, I won't have a job to stand on (I've been in the department for 6 years!).  my first thought is to bid out but there is nothing out there and they all know it.  I am completely stressed out about this.  She wants me to A. Take a time management course B. Utilize a procedure list  C. See a counselor for problem solving techniques.  This is getting too crazy and I don't know if I really want to stand for any of this.  I AM NEVER GONNA WIN!  EVER!!!   I think I might have to check on the bidding boards more often.  If I find something that suits me, I will bid on it.  this time I will be bidding on it instead of looking at it and closing the screen.  My problem is that I am a nice person and usually accept all critisism.  People in my department are taking advantage of me because I won't fight them down.  Im not defensive to say the least.  I personally think that Jen is trying to put a wedge inbetween the support staff and educators.