July 14, 2011 week #2

Hi everyone,
Its been a very hot week, thats for sure.  It got to about 88 degrees on Tuesday group run.  Everyone wasn't running very fast.  Our little group in the back caught up with the slower runners this week.  We also had a very enthusastic trainer run with us in the back.  She made it a lot of fun.  Cheered us on the whole way.  I actually had fun even though it was hotter than hell out there.  Finished in 43.44.  Thats ok, it will get better in time.  I bet when we get to 4-4.5 miles, running a 5K will be like nothing.  We'll see.  I didn't come in last but about 4-5 people from the last. 
The next day, I ran with a different group that met at the same sports store.  This group is even larger.  Probably about 40 people came out.  I saw what they were doing and it was 4.5.  No way!  I ran 2 miles and took it easy.  One of my co workers who ran with the roswell group last time was there with me.  We did ok, finished 2 miles in 25 minutes.  Thats pretty fair.  She won't be there next week, if I run myself I will just do the 3 mile run I do with the tuesday evening group.  It wasn't too bad, alittle breezy but the humidity went down. thank god!
I was gonna run today but I am just too plain tired.  I need a day of rest.  Bad enough that I ran 2 days in a row.  I will do exactly what i did last week.  Ran Friday and Sunday morning.  those 2 runs I did 3.8 miles.  I went back on active.com and did a 4.5 mile route in my neighborhood.  Should be interesting.  I actually got myself almost to Amherst on that one.  thats pretty far.  Again more neighborhood running, which is fine by me because we do a lot of neighborhood running with the intermediate group.  I will test it out next weekend. 
I tried to call Debbie, she called me but called me at 4:05pm (I wasn't even home!  she knew I don't get home until 4:20pm).  I think she did that on purpose. I called her back immediately but got her voicemail (AGAIN) so the ball is back in her court. I don't know what to do.  I think I might just let her go.  I think its beyond ridiculous that she would be mad at me about the pickup situation from the airport a few weeks ago.  I cannot believe that she can just pack up and go without saying goodbye or anything.  Definately not right, thats for sure.   I refuse to drive past her house but I don't because her house is before the street that I turn on (thank god).  Its already a little painful that Im still here in the neighborhood  and she's gone.  I sincerely hope she comes to her senses.  Maybe she does want to cut all ties here in Western NY and go down to Tampa to start her life with her significant other (which she is gonna live with).  Lets see how long that lasts.....I would give her 6 months and then she will have her own place.  They have been together for 30 years and he will never commit to her - ever.   I may never know about the circumstances.  Thats my predictible thought on the situation.  thats all I need to say about the situation. 
work is going ok.  Jen asked me to do a few things since coming back.  then she told me to come into her office.  She said that my quality of work is less than par.  When you give me a task, I should have complete directions.  For instance, she gave me certificates to do for the educators.  I was given no direction.  I had to piece meal something together, she didn't like it and I got repremanded for it. I finally had to ask for the educator picture to add to the form and utilize the certificate paper so I can feed it through the color copier.  I did save that certificate to a file to utilize later.  I now know that its best to utilize the certificate paper with a boarder.   Also, prior to the trip to Denver (before the 22 of June) she asked me to put together a new nurse orientation book (for agency nurses) with all this information.  I got the info together alright, but I did not have adequate supplies to do this task correctly.  I did dividers but I used colored paper and it was hard to open the tabs (no colored dividers) and then when it came to the binder, the binder was 1 size too small and the pages were tight in the binder.  I utilzed what we had in our stock.  She met with Diane to go over the binder and they had a hard time looking at this book.  Jen told me she was quite embarrased.  She needs to think about our supplies and how big this binder has to be (I could tell Rosanna really stuck up for us when she was in that position - she retired in Jan).  thank god the hospital didn't go on strike (the contract radified while I was gone).  Now our hospital system is on a office supply freeze.  No office supplies can be ordered, if you need something - you have to get it yourself with your money.  At least until end of august.  I need to get my files together for the new school year - this is not the time to do a supply order freeze.  I need to purchase 2 boxes of manilla folders.  What we have isn't enough.  Anyways, now I feel like I don't have any trust that I can do quality work (let alone self assurance and self esteem is shot to hell).  I certainly hope now that Arlene is back, she will utilize her with some things.  I am assuming that it will be quite sometime before I am allowed to do any creative stuff (at least for the next 3 months). When I am allowed, I am to ask questions about the task and then work on it.  Jen's bright idea is to have Arlene, Sonja and I do weekly meetings (with minutes and everything) and keep communication open in our department for the support staff.  I certainly hope it works out.  Right now, i am trying to catch up on work while I was off on vacation (almost there) and some busy work that was cast aside prior to my vacation (due to that dumb ass book gathering) and while Arlene was over at Buffalo General.  We'll see what happens in the coming months.  I still appreciate Jen's open-ness and nip issues in the bud before it gets any worse.  She still has a lot to show us, she's only been with us for about 4 1/2 months.  She still is a very kind hearted individual.  Shes one of those kind people but very critical - you can tell she was once a college nurse instructor.  Not only that but she is very young (38) and an over achiever - doctorate.