Journey to Healing

OK, so I know the kind of person I'm dealing with. I know I can't change him. I know that I feel as though I were emotionally abused, or at the very least a victim of some of his delusions. I know that I can only change me and work on me. So what does that involve?
I googled "Emotional Abuse" & came across a few websites; read what "Focus on the Family" had to say about it. They actually listed some very good resources & books on the subject, one of which is "10 Lifesaving Principles for Women in Difficult Marriages" by Kara Downing. She has a website ( that specifically speaks to women in difficult relationshps (according to the quiz, mine is "extremely difficult"!). Lots & lots of articles, evaluation tools, etc. I haven't even exhausted it yet.

Anyhow it seems like an awesome website with great tools to get me started on this new journey into taking care of me & my own issues.