Johnny Update

Johnny update...  First of all thank you so much all who have prayed for and thought of Johnny these last few weeks.  Johnny is doing well... still got a long way to go... First of all the awful pain he was in has abated and he no longer has to have morphine...  They got him up and into a wheelchair yesterday... his arms are working very good and he can wheel himself around fine... the doctors from Touro are coming to evaluate him for admission to their program for rehabilitation.  I am praying they accept him as he says they have a really good rehab program.  Johnny has impressed me with his positive attitude... I have been so worried... I hate to admit it but I tend to awfulize... think about all the very worst scenario's...  I think somehow I think that will protect me from unpleasant shocks...fact is it does more harm than good so I'm working on changing that... Anyway I like the way Johnny puts it...You can have an I can or an I can't attitude...  whichever way you tend to think... you'll be right...  from Johnny's perspective... he can't afford an I can't attitude... He says he has to... and he can... You go Johnny... I'd like to say that Johnny has often inspired me... He's had a lot of hard knocks in this life...  He just keeps on trucking... *Smile*  Love You Johnny



Just reading this today and wondering how Johnny is doing now? Wow, what an incredible attitude he has and I think it\'s human nature to \"catastrophize\" as we all do because somehow we think it will soften the blow if we do yet it only takes us out of the moment. Thiis is something that I am so aware of too in my life. A part of our humanness for sure.

Attitude is everything and it sounds as if Johnny\'s is amazing... I can feel your love around all that you are learning from him.

Thinking of you and sending healing hugs for all!

Heart to Heart,