Jeffrey the Sociopath

Well, last night I spent a lot of time researching just what some of the traits of sociopathic personality disorder are, and have determined for myself that THIS is what Jeff is. Jeff being the asshole that pulled the stunt he did last month while I was in Aruba. Yes, the guy I was on the phone with as my boyfriend while going through airport security...and who would not accept calls, respond to emails or text messages or anything else during the entire 9 days I was gone. Who texted me to break up with me the morning after I returned.  Yes the 53 year old sociopath, and now I know it is only a matter of time before he is done with his "true love" and screws up his kids heads with that maneuver.  Because right now he has them convinced this relationship is something real. In reality, NONE of his relationships are real. That's the nature of being a sociopath, and that is all anyone needs to understand about him.



I totally relate. I also did research recently on sociopathic and psychopathic personality because of the narcissist in my life. I found the strength to break up with him. It was supposedly just a friendship, but for me it was much deeper and he knew it and played me for all he could. I\'m vulnerable, without family and in constant physical pain with medical conditons that keep me from getting out to meet others. I was desperate for his companionship. He told me shortly after we met, \"I know you are hot for me, you can\'t deny it.\" I could not believe such an arrogant, egomaniacal statement. I denied it as I did not think I was then. But he was right, as soon I realized I was physically attracted to him. He is head-turning good looking and 14 yrs younger than me (I\'m 52.) He liked to brag about how both males and females were always trying to pick him up. He was totally vain, needing to hear time and again how good looking he was. If he got a zit he\'d freak. Over time, I realized he was a narcissist at best, a sociopath at worst. By then, I was addicted. He never told me he had a myspace page, but I found it by accident. On his myspace page he describes himself as \"addictive, expensive and confident.\" I say, omg, he is addictive and he knows it! I am totally addicted to him like a junkie to heroin. Why would he describe himself as such if he did not know the power he is able to wield over others? As for expensive, he refuses to work and his parents (my best friend is his mother) support him. As for \"confident\" that is actually narcissism. When we went out, I paid for his meals, and cover charges and drinks when we went out to clubs. I am on disability and live far below poverty level. He has a sense of entitlement that everyone elses owes him. He has 5 kids by 4 different women, none of whom he\'s supported and is in arrears on child support to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. He won\'t work, as his wages would be confiscated by the State to repay his overdue child support..
He would promise to come over to help me with things I could not do by myself, only to stand me up and ignore phone calls. He loved to leave me twist and hold power over me. I was his only friend, and yet he could give a damn. He used to say you must love yourself first and he sure was a testament to that philosophy...he was the only person he loved.
I strongly suspect that he was into dark stuff like Satanism and he put a spell on me...I\'ve never allowed anyone to treat me like he did. Yet I miss him 24/7 and am in withdrawl without him. I also suspect he may be schizophrenic but that\'s another story.
Please excuse the long post...I could write a book. Your story triggered my own pain.

I\'m aa shy person. Often, people interpret that for being snob, which I am not att all. What I am, as pointed out in the above posting, is vunerable. I met my ex-husband when I fell at work and fractured a bone. He was my doctor. Extremely handsome... Fantastic personality... I saw his blue eyes and fell for him instantly. It was like a fairy-tale... He fell in love with me, too. After 3 dates, we got engaged. I must add that I was a single mother and my daughter was only 10 at the time, but she sensed my relationship was doomed from the start. I never listened to her. I was in \"heat\" to say the least. So, a year after we were engaged, we got married. When people say when you marry, you marry all the baggage that goes along with that person... It\'s true! He has 3 children from a previous marriage... His ex-wife at that time raked him to the coals for money. So, he came to me with nothing! He used my income and credit cards to meet his expensive lifestyle. I allowed it becuase I was roped in by his charm. But, I am a nurse. I make okay money, but not enough for his needs. He\'d stay later at the office... He\'d stay up late at night working on the computer... He grew distant. Intimacy felt like a chore to him.... I could sense the disinterest in his touch. At any rate, I discovered that he was searching for another female victim online. Oh, he\'s selective. These women had to have money and beauty. I can still see the gross sexual pics they sent him. I was beyond NUTS after finding out this! I threw him out! I still \"loved\" him though. We divorced... I was left with the bills... The expensive car and all. He found another woman to latch onto quickly. I, on the otherhand, latched onto grief. It\'s been years now, and it still hurts. Not as bad as it did, however.
This type of person is a user. They take all they can. They string you along because they know they can.
I suppose my ex-husband goes through droughts.... times he doesn\'t have someone... He emails me and talks about sentimental things. I find it amusing now. He even sent me a pic of his privates!!!!!
Then I started dating another guy. We dated for 4 years. He\'s a great cook... Very attentive to my mental health issues... Not especially handsome and he doesn\'t have a pot to piss in... He used me, too. I bought him everything. zi bought his daughter everything... His ex-wife dressed that poor child in rags! Then it occurred to me... I am doing it again! I am being used.
It\'s a cycle. It\'s time the cycle ends! Be true to yourself!
At this time in my life, I am 45. I can support myself. I will find a man that loves me and can live a life of teamwork. He\'s out there somewhere...
I have strong faith in the Lord and all of His wonderful angels. They are my network of strength. All you have to do is ask!
Things happen in Divine timing. The Universe takes over... Allow this to happen. Be PATIENT!

I was in the book store with my daughter, and the word PATTIENT met my eyes numerous times! The angels were talking to me in signs. I am now relaying this message to you, because you can\'t rush things to happen in your life. Yes, when painful things happen, you have to go through a grieving process. It\'s normal to mourn for a time. It\'s part of the process.

Crying is good.
Deep breathe.
Allow this beautiful gift of life which was granted to you be restored!

The hurting will fade.