Jazz program last night was a "bust"

When I saw the poster that the Hugo Jackson Jazz Ensemble was going to perform for us again, I was thrilled. I had really enjoyed them in the past.

Unfortunately, this time it was disappointing. One musician was unable to perform because of an injured lip (he plays the trumpet). So he just sat there, occasionally shaking a tambourine. Another musician who plays the clarinet was about 15 minutes late! While waiting for him to arrive, Hugo, an elderly pianist, tried to entertain the crowd with a rambling, almost incoherent speech.

The program had very little jazz. They emphasized religion and some hymns were sung. Some sour notes were struck, their music papers were dropped on the floor, etc. They just weren't professional last night.

I did enjoy THE OLD RUGGED CROSS. One of my favorites. I watched an 83 year-old African American woman as her face assumed a reverent, beatific gaze. "I will cherish the old, rugged cross till my trophies at last I lay down, I will cling to the old, rugged cross, and exchange it one day for a crown!"