I get to go see Jasmine Wednesday evening.  She is in Mankato, MN which is a little bit over an hours drive from home.  I pray I make a good impression on Angie, the foster mom.  I also pray it won't snow Wednesday and that it will be warm so I don't have to drive on icy/snowy roads. 
Had school today.  I'm overwhelmed with this class, composition.  I failed the vocabulary quiz.  I really studied but just couldn't remember the words that matched the definitions.  I will try harder next week.  I just don't know how to remember the words.  I tried flash cards and writing them down and concentrating on the definitions and associating other things with the words.  Still I didn't do good on the quiz.  Now I have to write a paper for next week and I'm confused as to how to do that. 
We had an ice storm this morning and I had to drive in it.  By this afternoon it had warmed up and melted.  It's supposed to snow tomorrow. 
I can't wait to see the kitten.  I need her.  I'm still down about Lucy and sad and I can't sleep.  Maybe getting the baby will help me feel better mentally.  I had to reschedule my pdoc appointment from April 21 to May 21 because I have school on Mondays and my appointment was on a Monday. 



I pray about the sweet kitty, too. I like the name Jasmine.

Have you thought of looking up \"ways to study\" on Google? May be worth a shot. I don\'t know...just thinking out loud. I wonder, too, if you couldn\'t find some info about writing the paper...such as steps, outline, etc.