My husband and I had a lovely life.  We were together for 18 years.  We were best friends.  We married, divorced, remarried, and stayed friends no matter what.  Back when I was single, we spent hours on the telephone talking about anything and everything.  Conversation was never a problem for us, and yet, in the last four years it was nearly non-existent.
It took my father to point out why.
You see, my husband worked for a company that had downsized due to the great recession.  He survived the restructuring, but like many workers, he was forced to take on the work of those let go.  He went from working 10 hours a day to working 14 plus hours a day.  He came home bone tired, not wanting to talk, subsisting on junk food that he shoved in his mouth at work.
He was weary, but you dare not show that weariness as there are millions of people who would be glad to have your position in a snap.  Still, he wanted his life back.  He wanted to enjoy time with me, his daughter and grandkids.  He wanted to sit by the beach and enjoy a cool glass of lemonade.  He wanted to dress up and go to church.  He wanted to come home and watch television.  But none of this was possible as long as he had a job.  Therefore, he decided to start his own business.  Without naming the company, he became a financial advisor, but the road to that wonderful title meant hours of study, and traveling back and forwards on client appointments.  He did this in his spare time, leaving nothing for anyone else.
At first I blamed the business for his death.  I'd warned him that getting three and four hours sleep wasn't enough.  That it would kill him if he didn't stop.  It did, but it took my dad to point out that he never would have wanted to start a business had it not been for the company he worked for and the long hours required of him.  He wanted to start a business for freedom. He wanted to start a business so that his daughter and grandkids would never have to suffer the whims of an employer.
Now it's been four months since DH passed.  And I'm looking at the shape of our country through his eyes.  When I was a child stores closed on Sundays.  On Saturday they closed early.  We still had furniture, food, clothing, because we went at decent hours to get these things.  Now, look at us with 24 hour stores.  Even furniture stores are open until nine at night. 
When I was a child stores were closed on certain holidays or closed early.  Now, the greed of the store owners mean that they are open even on Easter and ThanksGiving.  How long before they're open on Christmas?
And businesses that shed employees not because they couldn't pay them, but because they realized the savings of having fewer workers.  They didn't mind working people 60 plus hours a week if it kept more money in their pockets.
Meanwhile, families are falling apart and heart disease is the number one killer in the US.  An interesting statistic is that there are more heart attacks on Monday, the first day of the work week.
We're fat too.  Afterall, there's no time to do anything else but eat.  And the stress of worrying about jobs and employers who exploit that fact drives many to addiction such as food, drugs, and alcohol.
We've lost track of what's important in life.  We're too tired to care for our children after work so the television becomes the parent.  We're too tired to get up and go to Church on Sunday, so the television becomes the church.  We're too tired to go out, so we sit about eating and watching television.  We're all scared that we'll lose our jobs and not be able to afford the high cost cable bill.
Our lives have been taken over by our jobs and we don't complain because people tell us we're lucky to be working at all.
Right now, my husband is not working.


Community LeaderShrn

That was very thought provoking. Your father must be a very wise man. Yes, I worry to about this country and it\'s future. Yet inside somehow I know there\'s something bigger and better that protects us. I call him \"Lord\" If not for that I surely would never be able to endure.


I second that Amen...............

Ditto the Amen.


So very awfully true, this is the state of our country.