IVF Clycle not going as expected

 I'm trying to stay positive but I was suppose to trigger yesterday, now it looks that it won't be until Thrusday or Friday,  because my estrogen level is too high (3300) and I can't trigger until it comes down or I could get sick.The doctor says that we are going to loose some eggs just because we are waiting but to make it worse there is a posibility that I won't even get a tranfer. We are going to freeze everything and wait ultil my ovaries recover. My IVF clycle was going so good I responded to the treatment so good, as of yesterday I had 20 follicles growing and looking good and now I might not even get a tranfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am sorry to hear you are being delayed. I know the day before I triggered, my estrogen was up around 2700. I am hoping that means you don\'t have to go down too much.

I am sure your doctor has your best interests at heart-- OHSS can be very serious. At the same time, I appreciate how hard it is to have a \"change of plans.\"

I am thinking of you!