IUI Wed. Nov 26th!!! And excited

U/s on Saturday morning showed follies were too small.  2 at 14mm and one at 12.Today they saw one at 18mm and 2 at 15!!  (right ovary).  I am giving myself an HCG shot tonight at 9pm and boy am I nervous about that!!! You see, I have a phobia of needles even though I use acupuncture.  I am looking at it as a challenge.  And also, maybe some day this will enable me to be able to help someone in the event of an emergency.  This is my 3rd IUI, and also the best timed one yet!!  First one with injectables, and also It looks like I may have 3 eggs at and above 18mm!  My uterus was 5mm thick on Sat, but now 8mm!!!  As one of the wonderful DS ladies sad, the 2ww is the time when we might be pregnant.  That is such a comforting thought!  Things look good, so I am going to imagine a round belly, and holding an adorable mini-me!  So for the 2ww I'm going to believe I am pregnant until proven otherwise.  And if I'm not, I have appts lined up for the start of IVF!