Its true I hurt to, Remember I love you

Hi, A girl from my school asked me to put this story on here so she could get some points for how to improve it. Please comment because she really wants a good grade. Thanks allIt’s true I hurt to, Remember I love you He sat there, feeling alone, the room was warm but he felt so cold. He couldn’t help thinking that it was his fault. That would always rest on his shoulders. If he hadn’t gone round to her house that day then she would still be here. He loved her, he always would and He missed her. He used to be love struck; now he’s just fucked up. That’s what everyone would say if they could see him now ,tears running down his cheeks, his heart shattered.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             He had stopped by her house which was on the turning between the train station and their secondary school. Adam had hopped the fence as usual because he knew that if he walked round to the front of the house he would have to face a hundred questions from Selene’s mother about why he never came round anymore. He couldn’t face her today. His emotions had been all over the place since he had run into Selene earlier. The dark vacant look to her eyes had proclaimed to him just how deeply he had hurt her, gone were the sparkling green eyes that many a time he had so lovely looked into. Now all that was there was pain and sorrow and a yearning wanting for things to be how they had been just a couple of weeks before. Adam had lost track of how many things had gone wrong in the past week. Anyway after he had hopped the fence he proceeded to walk round to the window at the side of the house that he knew for a fact was her bedroom. Adam rapped lightly on the window and waited for her to answer. He played nervously with his black hair, gently pushing his fringe out of his eyes and then flipping it back with a slight shake of his head. The window scraped against the old wood of the frame and he heard Selene’s voice say in a pitiful quietness ‘It’s open now, you know how to get in’. He entered the surprising darkness of her room, it was unusually quiet and it smelt vaguely of stale .cigarettes. Adam’s grey blue eyes darted quickly around the room, it had changed since he had last been in here and that was only a week or so ago. He looked Selene up and down, her long red hair was unkempt and slightly curly at the ends from where she had obviously not been bothered to straighten it. She looked as if she had been crying, eyeliner lay in thick streams down her pale cheeks. Her clothes seemed to hang of her slim frame. Her appearance upset him greatly, he loved her, she probly didn’t think it but he did. She was his world, it was killing him to know that he had hurt her, but the last few months had been painful for them both. “So, why did you come?” her voice brought him back with a jolt. She sounded fragile and broken. “I…I needed to talk to you” he replied. Selene sat on the end of bed, staring at him. He walked over to her slowly his Vans shuffling against the black carpet of her room. Adam sat next to her, She turned towards him her eyes filled with a dark hope and a love that hadn’t seemed to have been killed by the emotional torment. “It’s true I hurt to, Remember I love you” Adam stated gently she turned away from him “You mean the world to me Adam, you really do, I don’t know what I’ll….I’ll do with you” Tears started to flow from her eyes as she said it. He turned her towards him and kissed her gently.” Im sorry about everything, I really do love you but after everything we’ve been through. I don’t want to put you through anything else” Adam almost whispered it. Selene leaned her head towards his chest. The scent of her perfume made his heart beat faster, memories of everything raced through his mind. Selene looked more alive laying in his arms right there then she had looked for the past week. He knew damn well that she had been taking her pain out on herself, her eyes told it and her body would most likely proclaim it. He knew that she had probly spent the past week or so in her room drinking and self harming. He knew what she was like. Anything to make her forget, just take her mind off things. Selene gazed up at him; He could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She turned slowly and leaned up towards him, she kissed him passionately and from that moment they both knew what would happen, and they both knew that it would hurt them both more in the long run. They loved each other, he knew that and she knew that. Thoughts of the past week seemed totally irrelevant as one thing seemed to lead to another. Both their souls burned with a strong desire, just one last blissful moment. They knew it would all change tomorrow, but for the moment they loved each other and that was that. All the unhappiness of the previous week faded away as their bodies were intertwined.  Afterwards as Adam’s fingers traced circles on Selene’s soft ivory skin he couldn’t help but think that everything they had gone through together was worth the love they felt for each other. Then his fingers began to trace the fresh cuts on Selene’s hips and he began to remember just how much he had hurt her, he knew that she wanted this but he also knew that this would do neither of them any good. The cuts on Selene’s hips showed the effect of their break up the previous week and the old scars showed the effects of their relationship. As much as they loved each other Adam couldn’t help but think that all they seemed to do was hurt each other. “You’ll never know how much I love you,” Selene’s tired voice came from beside him. He gazed at her as she lent over to her right and pulled out a deck of cigarettes from the bedside draw. “Do you want one? “She said as she offered them to him. Adam took one, twirled it between his fingers and placed it between his lips. She held a lighter to it for him, the flame licking and dancing in her dimly lit room. The she lit her own, Adam still gazed at her as she took a long drag and then exhaled, and she flicked her long red hair to the side and looked over at him. “Why do you keep staring at me? “ Selene seemed more cheerful now and a cheerful smile played at the side of her pale lips. “No reason, I was just thinking….” He said, his eyes moved to dart around the room. “Thinking about what?” Selene’s voice sounded worried. “Nothing really, I was just wondering if, well if you’d go back out with me? I know well just end up hurting each other again but the simple fact of the matter is that I love you,” Adam stated quickly. Selene just stared at him, a face filled with awe and shock at what he had just asked.She took another drag on her fag and pondered the question for a moment. She looked at him, studying everything about him, they way he took a drag on his cigarette , the way his hair fell in front of his eyes and how he seemed so comfortable to be laying there next to her. Almost as if nothing had happened between them in the past week. Everything was just like it used to be. That’s when Selene decided that she didn’t want it anymore, she got out of  the bed and walked quickly across her room, After she got dressed again she stood staring at Adam from across the room, she loved him, she needed him, but she didn’t need the heartache. That’s when she made one of the most terrifying decisions of her life; she walked over to the now extremely confused Adam who was still lying in her bed. “Adam, honey, Im sorry but I can’t go out with you, I can’t have you in my life, I love you and I need you but I don’t need the heartache that has been caused.Im sorry and honey It’s true I hurt to remember I love you”. With that she asked him to gather up his things and go, which he did. Adam didn’t see Selene again. She moved out of her mother’s house the next day and never came back.  And now Adam is alone, he will never love anyone as much as he loved Selene and they both know that they will never forget each other   Tell me what you think and I'll pass it on. Thanks