Its an Excellent Day

Ok, started planning my trip for the week-end. Reservations done, car rental done. I hate taking my own car across the desert. Though I love my Jeep, the desert is just so unforgiving and to much on any car. Better the car rental company take care if any problems arise. I have made reservations at my favorite massage palor, and my favorite resturant, and maybe will get my hair restyled while I'm there. E-mailed my brother in law and told him I will stop by and pick him and my nephew up when I hit AZ to take them bowling and to dinner. I don't really care for him, actually I really dislike him, but he is family, so I can suck it up for awhile. Maybe even manage to make some kind of peace with him as well. He is the last person on my list of people to forgive for being such a huge fucking asshole. That might be a hard one, but I am working on it. And of course I want to see my father in law while I am there. Miss his big bear hugs, and want to see how he is really doing since my mother in law passed. He always sounds good on the phone, but so did I months ago. All else is going well. I stopped and bought myself a wonderful bottle of champange last night. OMG, it was so good!!! Just celebrating life, and cheers to a good friend whose life is turning around.