I have beatne Mental Illness and for the first time since 1962...i feel alive.I dont wake up in the morning thinking something bad is going to happen.And i have stopped dreaming of spiders..I no longer have these horrible nightmares.My migrane headaches havent been no more.I havent taken an aspirin in two weeks.I no longer have to take Excedrin Migrane.And I no longer have to take a nap in the afternoon..for now I have feelings of 100% joy.My late father and mother and brother should be here..but they are not and I am doing all of this for them.And my late father is watching me from the shores of Heaven and I can feel and hear his laugh and I hear his smile and I can hear the music of The Honeymooners and i am glad that I am and still am his daughter..and he was the best father anyone can have.