italian restaurant with j//rg new car//dinner at k's//jacuzzi and a movie//mr's mobile sold you can become a blogger for pay, if its for real. 
talked to mr and her other mobile sold.  so all of them sold except for one and she loses about 4000 of total profit on each one because she sits on them for so long before flipping them.  keith says the trick is to sell it immediately, no credit check and no money down.  they have to pass a criminal backround check.  she claims she is still strapped for money?  its weird.  she puts up her ad and gets no response (but her ad reads more like, these are my demands or something).  i put up an ad and it sells in one week, all i do is describe the property and beat the going rate by $100 per month, zero interest and no credit check (no one has good credit right now anyway) - this is the third time the ads sold.  i didn't charge her.  seriously thinking i should do what she was attempting to do and buy and sell these things, but ONE at a time, not six at once.  not sure though.  she sounds really worried about money, my guess is prescriptions is doing her in.  its also out of season for her bookstore, that kind of business is only busy during the school year and tourist season. 
lights in front of br's house were out last night.  creepy.  hope its nothing.  i called him and he thinks one of the house checkers shut the light by accident, its also on all day long and shouldn't be, i never noticed that.  also his newspapers haven't been delivered, the free weekly kind, he has no idea why.  neither of his cats showed up.  so many animal problems by his house each year, more than by my house.  i still think its the neighbor across the street from him, but he is by the beach, it could be anyone. 
sh called and found an emaciated kitten with mange by her colony.  its a torti.  sh needs to start trapping and moving those animals elsewhere.   her assisted living is busier now.   she hired a night shift crew again, so she and mike are sleeping at their own home in the evening for the first time in two years.   
went to jacuzzi and a movie of all places.  i had already written that place off because of two cancelled appointments and then she called me attempting to book again.  they have a new booker again as well, so my guess is, there were a LOT of complaints.  saw "all about steve" with sandra bullock and "yes man" with jim carrey.  both movies were funny but i'm not a jim carrey fan, would never have seen it if it wasn't playing there.  also noticed that as well as their business is supposedly doing, one of the owners no longer has his mercedes, he's driving a cherokee this year and she is driving a ford edge.  he claims crossfires are also mercedes inside, the other guy has one of those, never knew that, they stopped making them anyway.  beautiful car though. 
had dinner at k's.  he is feeling better, so the chevis is hidden again (he locks up his top shelf liquor because for 15 years his stepbrother and nephew lived at his house, were both alcoholics and used to steal his good liquor and just down it, and replace the liquid with water).  lol.  realllly don't think he should be drinking at all if its an ulcer.  he'll never listen unless he's super ill.  didn't realize i missed having chevis until i had some at his house.  going to get me a bottle and go back to that neat, instead of cocktails.  he made fish melts and spinach salad with hard boiled eggs and bacon pieces and vinaigrette, which i love.  and we had the dark chocolate edwards pie for desert, really shouldn't.  amazing, he is "sick," but the entire edwards key lime pie from the holidays is gone.  lol.  also discovered he has borderline sugar this year, wonder if that is upsetting his stomach?  also alcohol would make a mess of that as well.  and i'm sure he knows that.  rg also got a new car, another corolla, a 2013.  its beautiful.  he kept the other one until it was 18 years old and still going!  lol.
watched pieces of two john hughes movies over there, the breakfast club and sixteen candles.  but only small amounts.  also saw international real estate, they were buying in finland.  very interesting.  never been to finland.  its right up there next to russia by estonia.
went to italian place with j.  its near where my former mortgage office was (many years ago.  lol.) and ran into g and a couple of others.  g lost both his boat and his condo that he used to have.  the boat was a total loss because something got into the motor and it burned up the motor, insurance covered it.  plus his wife was afraid of it if he let it go fast.  also told me bty, who moved back last year from the northeast, also lost her condo/town home that she bought several years ago down here, but is still living in it?  and his father managed to keep all four of his properties, but it is killing him - he claims iffff his father sold now, he could break even, but a year ago, it would have been at a loss. 
check this out, his brother's property in brooklyn has taxes of 19,000 per year for a 3500 square foot house and almost no land.  he is looking to sell at pretty much ANY amount and get out of there.  wth?  no wonder people are losing their homes even on reverse mortgages, it would still be 1600 per month for tax and home owners insurance.  g waited until he was 30 to marry, but i have a feeling all is not roses.  his wife is one of five kids by five different men and her mother is a very loud woman, so lots of soap operas.  g's parents used to help with the kids daily, and won't do it anymore.  her mother won't help at all.  most of her siblings are in staten island.  you never guess people's lives.  j always prefers believing what he sees and is annoyed when he hears real details.  g's wife was in college to be a pre-school teacher before they had kids.  i think she changed her mind now though.  lol.  nice to see everyone and gossip in small doses is okay, but when its daily, i can't handle it either.  their food is excellent.  i'd forgotten how good it is.   
its around 83 degrees and sunny, but pollen is really bad.  a lot of the animals have runny eyes from it and its making me tired.  i'm still taking cholest-off which is plant sterols and stanols to get rid of high cholesterol, it perks me up for about half the day. 



Allergies are bad here now. But the weather just turned. It was nice this morning but now it\'s raining and windy. Colder too.
Brought back memories about rg corolla, I had one yrs ago and it lasted yrs. When we decided to trade it off it was barely running. It had even taken us back and forth to NY from FL a couple of times. Take care!

went by today and the black cat was there, but the striped one still isn\'t and i was there during daylight. i hope its okay. so many whacko people in the world. would love to know who is messing with the animals in that area.

I have this black cat that is coming around.......I just know that he is killing/eating my little lizzard\'s! They are so cute and they have never been afraid of me.

I do bond well with the stray\'s, but this one is really getting on my last nerve.