It wont be the same

This past week has been bad. My older sister has been lying to my mom , ditched my brother when he cooked her a fancy meal , and doesnt give me and my little sister the time of day. My mom busted my sister on her lies and i was there to see it fall apart. My older sister told my mom to stay out of her life. Then my sister texts her saying how shes a bad grandma...wheres the apology. This is a really terrible situation. i cant keep continuing having a relationship with my sister. I've decided until she acts more mature and learns that its not all about her, then i will see about letting her back in. Its really hard because my nephew has to suffer , my sister will label me as a bad aunt . I bought my nephew his first outfit. i keep his picture with me in my purse. I'm writing a book for him. i cant recall the last time my sister asked what was going on in my life. she wont come here because its too cold. Just because the weather here is too cold, you dont wanna come? thats a little strange if you ask me. First i think we be inside not out in the cold so what is the problem? I knew this would happen. Looks like i wont be seeing my nephew for christmas.