it was a hard freakin day!

well Silver is still in ICU today, his second day. the doc will call me in the early evening to let me know if i can take him home later. otherwise, he will remain in ICU another day. his doc called lastnight and told me he had more bladder stones in there than what came up on the xray and many sand like particles in his bladder as well. they flushed it all out but his bladder is very irritated and will be so for a while. they said they had to make a longer incision then originally planned so he has a bigger wound to heal on his belly. poor guy. it's only been 1 day and 1 night with out him and i miss him so bad already. either he feels the same about me or he's totally pissed at me for letting him go back to the vet and having surgery done. i guess i will find out when i go pick him up. he's gonna be on pain meds for the next 7 days at least and another 14 days of antibiotics again. he hates that stuff. the doc said we may have to change his prescription diet he has been on, as it may not be working like they thought it would. i was on edge all day yesterday. Matt and i got into an argument while at the VA yesterday. he had bad attitude all day after he tried to get his taxes done and the line was too long so he gave up and came back to the VA where he had dropped me off earlier. i was only trying to help him begin his transition from getting off active duty to switching to VA (since i had gone thru the same process over 3 1/2 years ago) and after so much of it i couldn't take it anymore and got out of his truck while in the parking lot, told him i'm gonna take the bus home. he drove around looking for me and begged me to go back into the truck over and over but i didn't want to hear it. well to make a long story short, i found i was too weak to get to a bus stop and my muscles just hurt too much. i ended up stranded. but later on Ricky our house mate came to pick me up. Matt and i eventually made up last night after i got home, but that was after we continued the arguing for another hr and he apologized for things. sorry for all the venting. i just got so much on my mind this morning and had to get it all out. thanks for reading all this lol. and thank you all so much for all your prayers and support for Silver! you have no idea how much it means to me. you all are so awesome!