It's Official

It's official.  Now it can be told.  The call center where I work is closing down.  It's not a big surprise.  There had been rumors for about a year now and signs.  Hiring had stopped.  Usually, there were at least two training classes going on all the time, but they stopped.  Trainers were working the floor.  Management people left or were let go. People weren't being replaced. To young people maybe it's no big deal, but to the older agent's, it's a big blow.  At it's peak, the center had 400 people.  Now it's down to 120.  They're converting to home agents.  I'm trying to qualify.  It will mean adding a second internet connection.  This one in the living room where the air conditioning and heat are.  I have a desk and chair for it in my computer room.  But, all this won't happen unless I get the job.  It would mean saving money on gas and time traveling to and from work,,,about an hour a day.  It would mean working split shifts, but that might be better for me.  If I don't qualify, it'll mean finding another job and at my age and health, it won't be easy.  It will be a big blow the small town of 15,00 that the center called home.  The fast food places and convenience stores will suffer because most of the employees didn't live in town.  It was just about the biggest employer in town.  It will hurt the town in that it will lose the rent of the building.  Wish me luck.  I was lucky to find this job.  This next time, I may not be as lucky.