It's my Father-in-laws fault

Father-in-law and his wife are coming tomorrow, Wednesday. They did give me a weeks notice I guess. They are retired RVers, you'd think they'd be able to come through town on a weekend? noooooo.....of course not.
I do all my cleaning and prep work for the coming week on the weekends. Lupus was visiting and I slept instead, going to make it up when I felt better, as long as I don't run out of clean panties, right. (I love this place, I know anyone reading this KNOWS exactly what I'm talking about, its GrEaT!)
I have to sit on the bathroom counter in order to see to do my makeup. I mis-stepped off, pitched forward into the tub (you know, flailing at the shower curtain knowing it's not going to break my fall) totally wrenched my right side, neck, shoulder, back, leg, etc. trying not to break a rib this time.
I've still a few little things to do before tomorrow.
We don't see the Father-in-law often, it is also my daughters birthday, They are only going to be here Wednesday. We would take them out to dinner but the timing is really bad, if we take them to dinner we will need to take daughter, her husband and grandson of course (we're at 7 now) my niece who goes to school here at the UofU and her dumb ass boyfriend (now we're at 9). Just do not have the $$$ so we are having a dinner party, right smack in the middle of the week, and I am doing mandatory OT (since Feb. 21)
OK, only this and that and the other thing to do yet, Work OT, Stop at Store, Make Coleslaw, clean bathroom, vacumme TaDa. Little nagging voice....what if you can't move by then? So I called in, will go in to work as soon as I get everything done.
Why do I feel so quilty? If my co-workers could even imagine what I live with they'd understand. I'm not getting a pedicure for pete's sake, I'm cleaning my toilet.