it's important

for me to remember that the higher i fly, the harder i fall. when you're manic, you don't want to entertain the thought of being depressed again; thinking about it will (or might) make you depressed, so it seems disruptive, ,and potentially destructive. in the back of your head, there's maybe a thought that this time it (the manic phase, that is) will last forever? rrrrrrright. 
i guess the goal, at least what i try to do, what i should try to do, is mitigate the lows. one way seems to be to temper the highs. but who wants to do that? try to make myself less happy? seems an awful thought, nevertheless, i think it's important. it's hard, but things that are hard are the most productive. plus, it should be easier than trying to lessen the severity of the lows, b/c when you're happy it's easier to do things you want to do.



You seem to have a realistic view of life... Don\'t you think that\'s important?