It's been awhile.....

Things must being going much, much better for me since the last time I've written in this journal was February 18th!  
Now gearing up for our spring parent/student education program scheduled for May 2nd.   I have some mixed feelings about it (it's losing a bit of its luster) for a number of reasons but this isn't about me anyway.  
My dear dad doesn't seem to get it.  He doesn't understand why I am not making this into a money maker (although he's never come out and said it) and suggested, when I told him some of the snags that were making this a bit of a challenge, he immediately said that I should quit and let someone else do it.  I know he means well but he's always been somewhat of a discourager.  It doesn't help when sometimes I wonder why I'm putting so much time and effort into it and then...... and then ......... I remind myself why.  I am not doing this for me.  Initially, I guess I was partly doing it for me - it was cathartic and a great reminder to "stay the course" but now it's all for the parents and kids.  Particularly the kids.  When the parents are educated ~ they can respond and address the situation sooner.  At least the responsible ones.  There are parents who do serve and allow underage kids to drink in their homes but I can't do anything about that.  Can't save the world.
One of my "snags" is I just found out that the awesome, cool, really great guy who works with students and talks about risky behaviors just told me that he cannot run the kids portion of the program.  It's his b-day and his family wouldn't be pleased if he wasn't home for them.  DARN IT.  Of all people ~ he's half of the program and a really great half!  But ~  I know things will work out.  I have faith.  
Note:  My sweet middle son ~ he's turned into such a wonderful young man.  He just came home a bit ago and asked to use the car to go to a local coffee shop to study and then I ask him about his gf and then he says (with sadness in his eyes) that he and his girlfriend (whom we adore) are taking a break for awhile.  Praying hard.  He really doesn't need this right now or ever but not right now!