It's been awhile:(

Sorry I haven ot written in a long time, but I guess things have just been so CRAZY my strenght has been gone.
As of April 21st it was a year since my DH passed away and the weeks leading up to it had me in a depression.  That day though I was fine, as though George himself smacked me in the head and said enough is enough babe.  We decided to let Aubrey let balloons off at the cemetery.  So 21 Violet balloons where sent to heaven for her daddy.  She had a smile as she sent each one up to him. 
We have decided to go on with a law suit against the Dr and hospital for a wrongful death suit.  We are waiting to hear if a case will be heard as the lawyer is looking into many diff things he found interesting.  This has caused some problems with my DH's family and myself as they state they do not want anything to do with this.  I find it hard to see that they would not want to know if this could have been prevented and that there is someone Dr out there that caused him to pass away.  I feel that they look at me as though i am money hungry and all I see is $$ signs.  Though everone tells me this is not true I can not help but think that there are people that would think this.  It is enough to make me crazy, I would give any amount of money to have him back with me.  I hate this feeling.
Aubrey is growing like a weed and is acting and looking like her daddy more and more.  I am so blessed for that.  I tell her everynight that daddy comes and gives her a kiss while she is asleep, and she has a few times asked for daddy to come down from heaven.  I tell her that he has to be up there to watch her as mommy has to be down here to watch her.  I know the older she gets the more she will want to see him. 
I have started on my deit as I have went off it for awhile, so trying to get back on track is the hard part.  With summer coming up I am hoping to be more active.
I hope everyone is doing well and again sorry I have not been on here to check on ya all.  take care.



I\'m still thinking of you! I know it is hard, but you need to do what you feel is right in regards to the wrongful death suit. Everything will work out the way it is meant to. Let me know if you need anything.

Glad to hear from you, big hugs!