It's been a while....glad to be back.

It's been a while....WOOOOOW...I'm so glad to be back... Thanks to everyone for their kind words and hugs, it meant a lot to me. Well...since I last been on here so much has changed for me...lets see..uhm..i graduated from college for a MA, my son is a big boy now, I've had two new cars, cut my hair, and just trying to make it. I've matured more over the years. More and more stuff is starting to make more since to me. I've tried practicing not stressing overthings that I can fix and cannot fix, I've stop putting other people before me or my well being....the only person acourse that, that is done for is my son. I have been pregnat two more times and i did MC. I really dont know what else to do or where to go. Some of the places I've looked into are very exspensive. I'm sure if I had the financial part taking care of, then i would probaly have as many kids as i have MC. I a little happier now...I'm still learning alot about that and how not to depend on others for my happines. I realized that no matter how good your heart is, the nest person is notthe could be better or worse but not the same. well DS i will definetly be back...i missed you guys so much...I've been so busy with school and work after being a full time mom.
well until next time...
Always ME