It\'s a sad day

I am very sad today.  I just found out a very dear friend of mine has decided to starve herself to death and has stopped taking all of her medications.  We found out last week that her cancer has returned and is all over inside of her.  She is not taking any phone calls and wants no visitors other than her sons.  I'm just crushed by this news.  We live five hours away from each other and I was going to go see her when she came home from the hospital.  (She was going in to have shunts put in.)  I spoke with her a couple of days before she went to the hospital and she told me it would be okay and that she'd call me when she got home from the hospital.  She never called, one of her sons called me to tell me what was happening.  This woman has been like a mother to me for the past 29 years.  She is the most wonderful woman I've ever met.  You know, the kind that you constantly look up to and talk to if you need advice or just a friendly chat.  I did tell her son tonight that when he went to see her tomorrow to give her a big hug and kiss from me and to tell her that I love her. Thank you for reading my journal entry.