it rained

I cant seem to wake up today, and i have to walk downtown, this is going to be a challenge. it rained last night...ack.My buddy Mike is going to Calgary probably this weekend to get a tranny for his girlfriends car, so he is going to pick up my new fuel pump too....yay!!!soon, I will be goddess of the road again...I cant wait. lolIts almost going to be weird driving again after a couple months of not. there is still ice in my back yard, so its too soon to rake those rogue leaves that came down during the winter, but I can hardly wait to get out in my flower beds. there are already new green leaves coming up, the tulips and irises. yay.yep, definitly rambling today.well, I should finish drying my hair and get the move on. ewwwwI hope eveyone has a sunny happy day today.