It never ends. Full moon be over!

As you know in my last entry I took some of my life back by telling my daughter I'm not going to deal with her lies or her weed. She comes clean and until we see a negative UA on weed, she's not seeing her kids, without her P/A. I'm surprised my daughter isn't giving me any crap about this. Gives me hope!  So who starts e-mailing...My son the father of my oldest GD that I have guardianship over. Not sure if it's him or his crazy wife. After what they pulled on me a few years ago crazy wife is being kind.  Son hasn't wanted anything to do with his daughter since he and his wife got married. I filed for child support at the same time I filed for guardianship. The courts granted me both. The son took me to court for everything possible to get a DNA test done to prove he was not the father. The courts refused, knowing he was just fighting because of the child support....That's what the judge said to him!
Get an e-mail that Grandson was born if you want a relationship with him remove GD from our life with child support. I told them to pound salt and someday I will see that GS because my son can't erase me completely.  Two days before Thanksgiving I get a call from Crazy women, telling me the GS died and my son needs me right now. Bring them in, sucker me for 500.00 dollars and open ended heartache. I couldn't locate his birth, death or any other informaiton about this GS. This past March I get a text on my phone from Crazy women that they made up  the GS to hurt me and asked for my forgiveness because they started going to church. When I replied it wasn't up to me to forgive and I had no idea what to say to her, she asked me how many mnth, yrs, days I searched for something that wasn't there.
I was hurt that they would do something like that, and at the same time it cleansed me.  I now know there is no way in Hell I want my GD near them or me!
So guess who found my husbands e-mail and started e-mailing him with BS this week.  I changed jobs since their e-mails to me so they have no idea how to get a hold of me except for the cell phone, which I only have because the text they sent me is legal proof in case it's needed....Oh how I wish I could get a new phone!
Taking my life back...I learned the FCC is in control of the internet and cyber harassment is a federal affence. Yes I'm calling to speak with a investigater and I have printed every e-mail since 2007.  We also have the newer e-mails and found that the federal government can do a  location of the computer they are using, so it doens't matter that I don't know where they are. Sometimes big brother is on our side! That phone I hate so much can be given to them as I had locked the text, which since it's a cell phone it too is covered by the FCC. We've told them to leave us alone...Now maybe they will listen!
I'm frustrated because I have to go through all this crap, and I'm doing him a favor by raising his daughter!