It Just Seems So Quite Now.

So tonight for some reason things just seem really quite, calm, peaceful it was boring actually. After a few months of panic and stress, emotional breakdowns everyday today everything just seemed normal. Not out rushing around trying to find a place to live. Not on the phone with my Pastor crying about Why Why did this happen to me. Not on the phone with bill collectors, or utility companies. Just kind of boring, routine, blah......
I guess this is what everyone was talking about when they told me I would settle in to a place and things life would just continue as normal. For me though being with a man for 20 years that always had some kind of drama going on, business related or another speeding ticket, court date or who knows what else I don't think I have even sat down to a hot meal in years. Phone calls to answer or problems to solve always something. But tonight I made dinner for my son helped him with his homework we watched a show on tv then I put him to bed. I did a load of wash to the dogs for a quick walk fed Mr Kitty then made myself a pb&j sandwich for dinner. I havn't had a pb&j for dinner in a decade. And you know what it was the best pb&j sandwich ever. It was my bread, my pb&j, my plate in my home. For just an instance I thought of him and how we would play rummy or scrabble sometimes when the kids would go to bed and it was just us. But I quickly turned my thoughts to something else and started to get things ready for tomorrow another long day ahead. I don't know what tomorrow has in store for me but for tonight I have peace....



Peace vs Drama
Easy choice!
Good for you!