It has been hell again-why!

The past few days have been hell for me again.Brad has started his drinking again.I dont know what happened this time but he has been sober for one year.He knows that he cant drive and he has to take the bus.He can not reapply for a license until February.It has been taken away for one year.The cats were scared and he was acting freaky.Then all of a sudden..he began yelling.Kramer flew into the room.Tuffy hates alcohol and Tooey ran by me.I have to clean the house and take care of the cats.Brad does not know that this month I have extra money and noone knows.It is not necessary to discuss things with the neighors.I am cordial and such..but these people have got children and I dont have the same goals.Right now..there is a housing crisis in seattle and the landlord doesnt know if he can keep the house.He cant keep paying the mortgage and his job isnt so good either.I have to love this house and i love this neigborhood.Everyone here is diverisifyed and they are wonderul people.The people 3 doors down are Muslim and their holiday is coming up soon.The people 4 doors down are Mexican and on the weekends they have parties..but they are not loud at all.The guy up the street is a single parent and he has his problems.He has t o take another job because raising kids in seattle now is expensve.I will let everyon e know how I am.And on the1st of will be 21 years tht I lost my sainted father and life hasnt been the same for me since..but now I am enjoying life..I am able to do things that the poor guy couldnt.And my father,my sainted father..died in my arms.I felt his cold body.I heard the death rattle and I knew that he was gone.He loved everyone and he tried to have a good life and he tried and tried..but he was limited in some things and this is what he has taught me..Every Person Has got it limitations.I am not superwoman and dont claim to be so.I will be a better founder and dont forget that coming up soon is ice cream sundae and treat yourself to a dish of your favorite ice cream..I am going overboard..I am having a banana split.