It has been a longggggggggg time

I give birth to kilia Janae on 12th of February, 3days after my due date. Had a wonderful experience. Have been a tough 6mths. She has a problem with acid in her stomach doctor said it would take time but would eventually clear up it hasn't totally gone but she has improve a lot she is now sleeping much better wasn't sleeping at nights at all would just cry for hours and drink every hour. She has to sleep on an adult pillow and must b elevated at all times. So guys let it be said Thank God for my mother don't know what I would have done without her she really took charge and allow me too get some rest haven't had an 5 hour or more since she born she seems to be awake more often than she sleeps lol. Never mind I am enjoying motherhood beautiful experience wouldn't trade it for the world God did such a beautiful thing for all those struggling to conceive Have faith I did and look at what has happen. Anyways guy stay Good and May God bless

"LOve. Janea