Is TVI Express Scam?

Legitimacy of a unique business idea is often challenged on the internet, as it gives way to frauds and confusions. The TVI Express scam is one of the many such frauds that has captured the media attention.AdvertisementThe TVI Express scam, as mentioned above, has always been under - - suspicion and under controversy. It has been hailed to mislead and misguide its clients by claims that are often unrealistic. While a majority vouch that it is a scam, there are many who claim that TVI ideas have been interesting and beneficial to them. The paragraphs below discuss this issue at length.An Introduction
Travel Ventures International (TVI) is a travel and hospitality company that is supposedly headquartered in London, United Kingdom.
It has claimed itself to be a global organization with branches spanning over many continents, in countries, like India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cyprus, etc.
Launched in the year 2009 in India and China, it has been linked with unrealistic claims.
Apparent False ClaimsTVI has been mainly related to its claims that they can help you to afford finances. For instance, they claim you can send thousands of people to world tours just by joining their business plan and even the joiner has a potential to earn USD 10,000 even after getting just two people down the line.
One of the obvious questions that pop up in the user's mind are - how can anybody pay USD 10,000 just by - - helping them join two other potential users? Consequently, this leads to an air of mystery about TVI.
Once you wish to enroll or login on it, you're asked to pay USD 250 as the joining membership charge. After you've joined their program, you're required to bring in two other people to this program so that you're entitled for its benefits and profits.
Once you've helped two other people join this program, you are put into a program called revolving matrix, that helps you to scale up the ladder slowly.
After the first cycle of round up (that is the term it is called), you earn a commission of USD 500. And your second commission is USD 10,000.
And after, every cycle of round up on the express board (as called by firm), you make USD 10,000! The cycling process of getting commission of USD 10,000 after 2nd time, is decided by some formula.
Some More NegativesOne of the other issues that has been collected from several reports, is that TVI does have a product and they sell 'travels'. However, you don't have any products being sold by TVI expresses, it's more of a pyramid-scheme type hierarchy, wherein you make members and make money through commissions.
The question of - - selling products seems ambiguous, vague and with no logic. It appears more of a network marketing or multi-level marketing scheme.
Some other negative aspects of this program is that it promises every member a 6-night free holiday trip; however, owing to presence of many members, this program is often halted and members have to wait for longer duration.
Besides USD 250, there is a USD 25 payment processing fee, that should be generally free. And the most complex thing is, it's difficult to understand how one moves up and down the line and qualifies for the USD 10,000 commission.
The fundamentals of MLM leads used by the website, are still not very clear, leading to confusion.
Not everything is negative about TVI, as the reviews entail various positive issues, like initial fee of USD 250, that is not very high, in case, you're able to get commissions as claimed by the firm. As we can see, there are both positive and negative sides of this company. People must make proper reviews and research from authentic sources as there are discrepancies regarding information about management officials of this firm. Who leads the firm and where are its corporate offices, is also a matter of controversy.