Is there any American to answer these questions?

1- Can you define what a 'regular' military outfit may be? 2- Is the word 'regular' some how related with the benefits offered to military personnel?  3- And what are 'conscripts'? Is a 'conscript' a person who is forcibly picked for military service? 4- Can a 'conscript' be converted into a 'regular' soldier? 5- Is the word 'soldier' used for fighting men in any military? 6- Why can not be a 'volunteer' converted into a 'soldier'? 7- Is 'troop' the best word for a 'fighting man' or a 'soldier'?  8- What do you think about 'citizen soldiers' or 'reserves/reservists'? 9- How do you define a 'national emergency'? 10- Can you talk about the peace time activities of soldiers at a garrison/military base with special reference to Pakistani Regular military units? 11- Why Pakistani Regular military units are rotated within the army’s/corps’/division’s/brigade’s operational area? Does the same happen with regular military units in the US military? 12- Who are mercenaries?