Is it gone?

I saw him last night for a brief period. He hasn't changed much. He was drinking as usual. He'd been out on a date, and I eagerly asked questions. I was super interested. I wonder who'd replace me soon. She's a 39 year old server who has three kids. Surprisingly, the profile fit his ex before me. I mentioned it, he nodded. Although I felt a bit insulted by the fact that he kept answering text messages in the middle of our conversations, I didn't really mind that he had met someone new. I've been dating someone for almost two months now, and I am falling for him.I don't say that to him. The difference is that he doesn't want to hear all this about me. And he was very hesitant to talk about his new love interest, despite my countless questions. Perhaps he feels that it will hurt me to hear it, like it hurts him.Yet, it didn't stop him from texting her throughout our meeting. So maybe he just doesn't wanna give details for some other reason. I'm careful not to bring up my current boyfriend, and definitely don't text or talk to him while I'm around my ex. And I do it because I don't wanna hurt him. So was he trying to get a reaction out of me? Perhaps trying to keep details so i'd stay wondering about it?Who knows. The thing is, that it really hasn't mattered much. I do wish she's a great gal, and that it ends up being an amazing experience for him, regardless of the outcome. I wish him the best, the very best, I wanna see him happy.Not sure if I'm ready to see with someone else, but it doesn't bother me that he is. I didn't expect to be feeling this way so soon. So many years trying to let go and leave him, I thought it would be harder. But it definitely feels great that it hasn't been.