You know, for so many year's i honestly thought my wife was the reason i was unhappy, she wasnt the greatest early on our marriage, her depression and anxiety eventually brought me into it also. I always said to myself, why wouldent she just fucking leave? I was too afraid to leave due to the fact that she had threated to kill herself on several occasions. And now, shes gone. Should I not be happy about this? No instead im being fucking pathetic, been off work for 3 days (mainly due to the depression and Bipolar) i asked her last night wtf happened to us...and she said , "I got tired of living our life...something just stopped" something "stopped" for me years ago and i stuck through it...maybe i should have left when i was stronger? fuck i dont know.  I find this whole situation hilarious....she was always weak, pining over me. I was always strong . And weak, pining over her and shes pleasently moving on, flirting with everyone, enjoyin all the attention. Just a little pissed off today.