Irish/Italian parade!

On a very windy and cold but sunny day I and some of my family enjoyed a day out to watch one of the best parades every year! MY husband took me, my daughter and her two girls to the Irish/Italian parade.  I had so much fun with my grandchildren there. They have never been to a parade before. 
At this particular parade they throw a variety of food , mainly cabbage, potatoes, carrots,onions and garlic.  But in the last few years they started throwing bananas, oranges,limes, lemons, brusselsprouts and moon pies! The carrots I believe to be home grown and are the sweetest  and biggest I have ever seen! They also throw a variety of stuffed animals, trinkets and beads! The yougest one caught a lucky bean and thought she was supposed to eat it! LOL! But put it in her pocket as soon as we explained it to her. She also was given lots of paper flowers which she put together when she got home and was walking around saying she is getting married now! LOL! She thinks all she needed was the flowers and the plastic ring she caught to be a bride! I wasn't there when this happened, my daughter called and let me listen in on her singing I'm getting married. This is one of the things I miss since all my children grew up.  This is one of the times I tell my daughter to remember when she thinks it's all too much raising her girls by herself , going to college and working part time.  She had to agree she will cherish the moment. 
My grand daughters are at a good age too!  The youngest is 3yrs old and just old enough to have a good time! And now that we know they enjoyed it so much and behaved so well , we will be sure to take them again next year! I can hardly wait!
Praying all my friends will have many happy moments in their lives too!