iPhone 6 Versus Samsung Galaxy Edge S6

The summertime of 2010 sees the mobile phone community delightful a brand new member to its ranks, the Apple i phone 4. And taking an initial first look at this handset it is immediately clear that this phone leapfrogs other mobile phones straight to the front side of the pack thank you to stunning looks, great functionality and impressive features.

The quality of image iphone display  reproduction produced by the i phone 4's super quality display screen is more similar to what you will find on printed page and not a computer screen. The original i phone displayed 163 pixels per inch and even then it pushed the boundaries of what we expected from such a screen. The 326 pixels each inch rating on this new screen totally eclipses this and produces unparalleled image quality, even when zoomed in. The display is named the "Retina" display on the basis that the specification actually exceed what the human eye can see.

The huge resolution of 960 x 640 -pixels is the best currently available, and because of using the IPS technology (in Plane Switching) that you will find on the iPad and iMacs, this makes the images have a more brilliant colour reproduction with further black colours and a superb viewing angle. The 3. 5" display is the same size because the one on the 3GS, but the overall dimensions of the chassis are less in the width and depth department, although the height remains the same.

An increase of 2 million pixels is a substantial jump from the 3 million pixel camera found on the iPhone 3GS. Regardless of the iPhone 4 promising a fairly industry standard 5 mega pixels, one must not reach weighed down with the resolution ranking and look at the actual quality of the image, which is magnificent. Thanks to an improved sensor being fitted, pixel size is increased which makes them more absorbent to light, finally making more vivid and vibrant image.

An LED expensive has also been fitted to the camera, making taking photographs in even the darkest conditions now a fairly easy task. Another big improvement is in conditions of video clip capture. Last years step up from the 3G to the 3GS noticed the introduction of this, this coming year we see the movie side of thing hauled right up up to now thanks to 720P quality video capture, or more simply put, High Definition. An additional front facing camera is fitted to allow for "FaceTime" video-calling and also self portraits.