invite to facebook

On my profile is a link to my facebook page it just has my name john griffiths and when you click on it you should go to my facebook page. If any problems please let me know if it did'nt work.If it has worked please have alook around as I log into dailystenght with my facebook page. Twitter is also another place I like to visit and follow many sealife and wild life causes so take a peek on twitter my name is gruesomegull aka john griffiths. Please feel welcome and if you have some time take a look.I have contact with some lovely people who inspire me daily plus you can send photos or message people who you like eg Lady Gaga , Pink , cher and the list goes on. so facebook and twitter are great places to meet and message movie stars or like myself causes and people who inspire me, many blessings my friends love johnxoxoxoxox