Introducing myself and my story

I  am still figuring out this website at all of its features and format, the following was posted as my profile, but ti was fairly long for that spot so I moved it here.
I lost my husband of 19 years on January 19, 2008. He died suddenly from what I am convinced was complications between his pain meds and his Fentynal pain patch. Had been to the doctor after an "incident" where I KNEW he was overmedicated, but what do I know I am only his wife after all. Doc (not his regular pain doc who was out of town) said no it could not possibly be anything to do with the fentynal pain patch--- he has been on it since Aug. (it wasa late Dec. at the time) Funny how they recalled the very same batch and lot number that he had twice in the week he died, (for overdosing patients and caregivers).
Anyway, I would have thought that I would have needed this site over two years ago, but I have just now found it, so I guess the Lord has something here that I either need to learn or do. It really is wonderful to talk to people who REALLY UNDERSTAND. I looked for grief support groups in my area for a long time but could not find any.
Thanks to everyone for the hugsw and welcomes I have already received.



Congratulations for making it this far and being so strong with a positive outlook.

You are not the only one in this group who questioned the medical treatment their loved ones received or the feeble explanations that followed. Unfortunately, it just feeds our frustration and makes us bitter. It won\'t bring them back.

I think you\'ll find why you came here. Meanwhile - no more electrical projects or broken limbs.

Ok Evil Floyd, I will work on that! wait til you hear the story of the broken arm.