Insurance Approval!

After so much time and energy I finally got the surgery approval from the insurance company today.  I could not believe the hoops I had to jump through to get to this point.  It would have gone a lot quicker but I "flunked" the psych evaluation because of Allen's death.  The doctor felt that my grieving state put me at too great a risk for surgery.  I was required to have at least 2 months of continued grief counseling and re-evaluation.
It actually was a good thing having the extra time.  It gave me a chance to really work on losing weight without surgery and giving serious effort to a number of different approaches before going ahead.  I used (and still use) to track diet and exercise. 
Every morsel of food going in my mouth got recorded and broken down.  Calories were calculated for my exercise and body to keep my in range.  It was extremely enlightening.  I had no idea how many calories things really had!  I also tracked all my exercise and it broke down my calorie expenditure.  Everything then went on a spreadsheet that I turned in to Dr. Lefcort once a month with a weigh-in.
I ended up losing 17 pounds over the first 3 months then I hit a brick wall and no matter what I did that stupid scale would not budge.  One more trick up my sleeve I decided to try hypnosis to break through the plateau. 
At first I went to a mental health counselor who specialized in weight loss and weight loss hypnosis.  The trouble was that he was a total Atkins Diet advocate and this totally clashed with everything I'd spent the last 3 months learning about on  So instead of it helping I just found my mind battling his suggestions.  The other problem is that putting 1-2 weeks between sessions was a waste of my energies.  To work it would have to be repeated daily.
So I researched weight loss hypnosis tapes/cds and found a very good series by a well-known hypnotist Tom Nicoli.  I bombarded my brain with his suggestions and to my great excitement I dropped 7 pounds.  Finally, I'd broken through the plateau and thought I'd found my answer.  But again, I hit the wall.  Week after week without a single ounce dropped.  I increased the exercise.  I increase the tape-time.  Nothing.  I threw up my hands.  I give in to my genetics or whatever it is.  I quit.
My MD and counselor sent the records to my bariatrics case worker who sent it to the insurance company a little over a week ago.  Yahoo!!  I am so ready to get on with it.  If the diet and exercise had continued me on my weight loss journey I'd have kept it up forever but it did as it always had before...great start straight into a weight loss wall.  I've learned a tremendous amount along the way this time though and I really feel like I'm ready to take this step.  More than ready.
Bring it on!