Uh-oh I think I might have messed up with getting health insurance and all that other stuff with my job. It appears tht I was giving a packet of info to fill out in order to get this insurance during my new employee orientation, but either I never recieved it or I just forgot to fill it out. Which might have been the case, I might have put it aside in order for my girlfriend to help me out with it, only to forget to tell her to help me with it. The open enrollment the time I needed to fill it out by has obviously ended since it was only a month from my start date. I have been there a little over 2 months now, so i missed the time. I thought tht I wouldnt get any insurance until after my 90 day trial periopd was over. But apparently I already had the insurance but since I didnt fill out the proper paper work I missed it and have to wait for the next open enrollment period, which is no time soon. However when I spoke with them I now have to wait a few days to see if my appeal goes through and I get insurance through my job which I better. So keep me in your prayers cuz I will be insurance less cuz my medicaide is expiring since I make just over the cut off in money .