Installation Of A Garage Door - You Must Remember These Rules!


What to remember when installing a garage door? How should the facility be prepared and what mistakes should be avoided? You will find the answers to these and other questions in our article.

How to prepare the garage for the installation of a roller door or other?

Installing a garage door is not as easy as it may seem. There are many models and types of garage doors on the market, and one of the first decisions is to choose their type. The more that the way the garage door should be installed often depends on the structure of the garage door repair Burnsville MN. Individual garage doors may also require a specific space in the driveway or inside the facility. The most popular solutions include roller doors and sectional doors, which delight users around the world with their functionality, safety and aesthetics.

Therefore, it is worth considering the installation of the garage door at the stage of designing the garage itself. It is worth answering the question of how big this building should be, what you will store in it and what functions it should fulfill. That's not all - due to what will be in the garage, as well as whether the garage will be adjacent to a residential building, elements such as thermal insulation should be taken into account. Before installing a roller door or any other garage door, it is necessary to shape the mounting holes, finish the interior and make the electrical installation.

How to prepare garage walls?

Properly protected walls and ceilings are necessary elements for the installation of a rolling shutter or sectional door. In this context, it is very important to take care of the dimensions and appearance of the jambs and lintels. The lintel is the part that is located above the entrance opening, its height ranges from 15 to 35 cm, while the embrasures are the distances of the sides of the openings from both walls on which the side guides are placed. It is to these elements that the entire hoisting system will be attached. The assembly team should make sure that the embrasures are in one plane, otherwise there will most likely be problems in the proper operation of the garage door leaves.

A lot of attention should also be paid to the ceiling, which should be plastered. It is important to do this before installing the gate, as it will no longer be possible after installing the guides. For some garage doors, an electric socket in the ceiling turns out to be very convenient - this is another reason to consider a garage door when designing this building. It is also worth adding that in some situations the so-called self-supporting structures, in which individual elements of the gate are mounted.

Installation of the garage door and the lack of a floor


An interesting issue is the flooring. Well, depending on the type of gate selected, it should be finished or not. When installing a rolling door or sectional door, it is recommended that the floor is fully laid, needless to say, that it must also be even and horizontal, which guarantees its tightness. This will allow the sashes to be mounted more easily. The opposite is true for overhead doors, when the component installation procedure can be successfully started before the floor is poured. An indirect solution to the problem is also pouring a fragment of the floor near the installation of the gate or the second part of the garage, however, it is sometimes problematic to finish the work with keeping the levels later.

What else should you consider when installing the gate?

It is very important when installing a garage door to avoid all kinds of errors that may lead to improper operation of the element or even costly breakdowns. The most common mistakes include setting the guides at different levels, inaccurate balance of the door, incorrect installation of springs or pressing it too hard against the floor. Such situations usually occur in the case of independent assembly work. While some garage door models may seem simple enough to install on your own, keep in mind that the manufacturer may then change its warranty terms.

All this makes it a much more advantageous solution to hire a professional assembly team who will ensure that the new garage door is installed without any faults. In any case, however, this amount is so low that it is worth investing in a visit by experienced service technicians.

Thanks to this, you will get rid of the trouble and quickly start using the new gate. The more so that the error during installation does not have to be visible immediately - although, of course, after completing the installation, you should always check the operation of the garage door. Some micro-defects do not have to be noticeable immediately, so the need for expensive repair will appear after some time. If the service is performed by a proven team, a guarantee is issued for it, which is very beneficial for users. So do not wait any longer and use such a service to enjoy the functionality of an automatic gate in your garage.

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