So far so good today Its only noon and I've already done 30 mins on the bike and walked for 30 mins. Yay. I feel very good about myself because I've been doing my INO thing going on 9 days, and out of those I've only had 1 not so good cal day and 1 day of no exercise! I think they were even the same day! w00t! Soon, 9 days will turn to 15, 15 to 30, 30 to 45, and then BOOM I'll be at goal. Got to keep the eye on the prize   Food: 2 turkey brats (220)2 whole wheat buns (200)sweet relish (40)sourkraut (10) 1 serving special k cereal (120)1/2 cup skim milk (45) chilli orzo marinera (500) smart pop kettle popcorn (100) sf pudding (60)1 TBL peanut butter (95) 1/2 banana (50)1/2 scoop chocolate whey protein powder (52) 1472  Sweat: 30 min strength interval level 12 recumbent bike30 min walk, with 1s 10r bench pushups, 1s 10r bench squats, 1s 8r bench leg raises 15 min walk5s 5r pull ups