Increasing strength!

For the past month I've been doing 22-24 mile training rides on the weekends. The horses still have plenty of fire at the end and still walking over gravel like its nothing (did mention they are barefoot like wild mustangs and I've done all their trimming the last six years?). My teenaged daughter has started riding with me again and intends to do the 30 mile race in April with me. She hasn't done endurance since she was 8. So I'm really excited now! 
I've been testing new snacks on these training rides. Both for the horses and the riders. Carrots seen a big hit for all of us. But I've noticed energy crash if I don't also eat something like peanuts too. Daughter is straight peanuts and sodas all the way :)
The horses could do the race today and successfully complete it. Daughter and I still need to work on a few equipment details...
I'm also up to running a mile on the track at work now. I shuffle jog the turns and speed walk the straight always. Takes about 13 minutes. Would like to drop five more pounds down to 110. Since I'm riding a large pony - the lighter I am the better for her. I'm only 4'10" so 110 is still in the heavy side of 'normal' according to government BMI stuff. But my sweet tooth is thwarting my current efforts. At least I'm not gaining!
Gardening, or my 'strength training regime', I can now go for 4 hours straight with just water breaks. Then I've got to take two hour nap before going out again. Emptied a trailer load of mulch (2 cubic yards) in three days last week. Feeling good after work. But only do two hours in the garden. Doing most of it on weekends.
Dealing with minor wrist & finger soreness each morning. Goes away with one 325 mg enteric aspirin. It's likely caused by overusing joints that have been eroded and weakened by RA over the years. Not having any swelling though - so it's nothing more than a reminder of all those years of agony. As I pick up yet another boulder to stack around another new herb bed - I feel blessed to be given this time to rebuild my strength and endurance... And show my daughter what a healthy mom is..