In a bad place

I feel like I am in a really bad place in my life right now.I dont know why and I cant really explain it.I just dont feel the same..Physically I feel fine.Its a mental/emotional thing..I know I am stressed with the new baby and the new house,etc..And I do know that I dont handle stress very well..When I am at work I am fine.When I go home its a different story..I feel like I have too much to do,like the whole world is caving in on me.I feel unwanted by my husband.It feels like we have grown so far apart.And that saddens me.The worst part is he is not the kind of man that you can open up and talk to.In his words,he is simple..WTF???..I feel like such a bitch lately.I am always angry or cold towards him.Not because I am really mad but because I am hurt..Is it me?Did I do something wrong?Does he not love me?Is he not attracted to me?This is taking over my life and I am making thing worse.I dont know what else to do.