It rained on Saturday and my aching body was begging me for a day off so I relented.
Sunday, I did a slow 2.7 miles, quite close to the 3 mile goal I set.  I had a little bleeding in my ass which was painful and uncomfortable but there was no stopping me. 
I remembered years ago when I ran regularly, if my laces came untied, I wouldn't stop to tie them. Sometimes, I would slip and fall on the icy roads of winter but I always got right back up and continued on no matter how much it hurt. Then there was a time when I had a work related accident in which I broke my foot in two places. I though it was just a bad bruise and I ran on it just the same.  It healed slightly out of line but never cause me any serious problems.  I had it x rayed a month later because I couldn't understand why it was taking so long to heal. My doctor had a hard time believing what he saw!
Today I will try to do at least 2 miles but depends on how I feel, if I go further.
I did 2.2 miles today.  I was very slow.  Seemed tired for some reason.  ahh well! 



sounds goodLove Maria