im sorry

I woke up an hour or 2 ago with the Im in usual,but i compunded it this time by having had 4 beers.Heineken, stella artois and pure blonde....3so had a huge guilt trip too.not to mention the money Ive spent recently.cigarettes and boozewhat $200 last week?gulp....but then as  soon as i wake up properly and move this car along im FINE. so what's wiv that? God i have really upset X...he needs to lighten up a bit.get a chill pill-as they saybuild a bridge and get over it.maybe his new med will work after all.that was some healthy anger coming out?Id be bored and annoyed too to be hounded by me.great big rapacious dinosaur....f&&*&*&** off already.this way i can talk with him and get it off my chest.not my fault if he reads it and gets agitated.scuse me this is my part of the river folks land of free speech.down to asingle  mentholkind selina gave me 5 or so last night.she is lovely.Dorothy's Sister the gay bar local is so cool...met Patrick John Murphy who was scarily hitting on Una the Korean transexual studying linguistics.pat was sitting there giving all and sundrythe evils but within a minute of me talking to him he was crying.I have a gift of kindness.he is an accountant,biggest client?Fonterra.just bout biggest company in NZ.say cheese. birds love cheese and so do dogs. do cats?i gotta hope the local dairy is open for my baccy.