Three days Ive gone without writingI feel  peaceful in your armsI feel your love around me Like nothing can do me harmI feel your grace upon meLike  I can do no wrong I breath in deep and fill my lungsYour love is in the airIt now inflates me fully No one  thing can compareTo the way that it does lift meThe way Im no longer scaredBut Im more sure than everThat you are truly thereIt really is confusing The conflict deep inside Between my faith and logicBut I refuse to hideMy love for you AND Science My want to understandJust how the smallest little thingright up to the biggest man Are all so interconnected Different yet so much the sameThis is my life's mission This is not a game.I will figure out Lord The truth about your loveThe truth about just what you doWhile sitting up aboveI hear your voice so clearlyAnd I shall head its call!! Because of you I will live large And no longer feel so smallI know that you are with meLifting me aboveThe pain that's deep inside meYou fit me like a glove  Keeping me warm on cold cold nightsNever again shall I fight Never again shall I doubtI feel your words right now lordas they leave my mouthI will spread the word lord that you really are thereFor you have shown me once and for allJust what it is  to care.