Illegal Glasses for Driving, My Birthday, and other Themes

I have been super busy since coming back from Tahoe....had to start working right away, had to get my driver's license renewed today.  I stayed up late the last couple of nights studying for the written test, only to find out I didn't have to take the test.  LOL.....if anyone wants 5 typewritten pages of DMV crib notes....oh...well California DMV crib notes.....let me know!  LOL....did you know it isn't legal to drive in glasses with temples wide enough to obscure your vision at the sides?Who knew!!! BF is down at the local PBS station doing camara work for a telethon.  I am so happy to see him doing this, because he is sooooo excited about it!  He used to produce cable access programs back in San Diego, and did some camara work on The Young and the Restless...he still watches that soap religiously  LOL.... He is still gambling....and maybe having something in his life he is excited about will help him quit.  He told me again yesterday that he wants to change his life, and try again to quit gambling, so I will support him as best I can.  I know I can't quit for him!   I'm doing OK....I just completed 19 months GF the first of this month.  My birthday is on Sunday....and at one time that would have meant a birthday trip to multiple casinos to collect my birthday goodies from them!  I'm looking forward to another GF birthday again this year! Last night, I took inventory of all my debt.  Since I quit gambling, I have paid it down considerably, but still owe A LOT.  For a minute, I was tempted to just file bankruptcy when I looked at what I still owe...but don't want to do that.  I want to take responsibility for my actions and honor my debts.  I also don't want to mess up the good credit score I now have for seven years!!!!  It will take me YEARS to pay off all my debts, including school loans, credit cards, taxes, etc.....but I WILL DO IT. In a few years, I will be able to say I paid my debts and am free.  It will be great one day to have savings and "financial security".  I look forward to the day I don't feel obligated to work, sick or a day when I can walk away from work if I want. Sigh.......until then, I will work on my attitude, my willingness, and realize recovery is possible.... ONE DAY AT A TIME JUST FOR TODAY, I WILL NOT GAMBLE Love to Everyone......xoxoxoxoxoxoxo



It\'s so good to see a journal from sound great. Sorry the boyfriend is still gambling, but very good if he is serious about quitting. Congrats on 19 months!!!! HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY GF BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

Hi Dianne, I remember being told I couldn\'t use a certain frame for my sun glasses, because of exactly what you said. I wonder if that goes for non-prescription sun glasses, on the road? Oh well, as long as I can see on the road! You\'re whittling down your gambling debt, why file bankruptcy now? As long as you don\'t gamble, you\'re on your way up! 19 months, onward and up!

I love recovery, it seems to be custom made for the individual, I like that. No two recoveries are exactly the same, like finger prints, or vision, I suppose. Some days I joked about being in recovery, other days I find myself choked up, fighting tears of gratitude. It\'s not boring, that\'s for sure!

And now it\'s the week-end, almost...Mark stayed home today. He said going in late would be worse than calling in sick, whatever. He also said something like, \"well, I was gonna\' ask you for a ride, but you didn\'t wake up\"... I said something like, \"Don\'t you dare try to blame me\"... yep, I sure did :) He said something like, \"I didn\'t say I blamed you...\", I let it go. I know it\'s not my fault he goofs around all morning. How strange to think almost 2 yrs ago, I would\'ve believed it was my fault, and went into a tizzie! Not this morning :)
It\'s the little things about recovery I love, realizations that I\'m changing, but that I haven\'t lost my identity. Shoot! I\'m actually finding it! Hello identity! Hello me! I\'m not so bad...blushing...a little...

Have a good weekend...Love, Robin

Dianne, Happy Happy Birthday to you - hope tomorrow is a wonderful day for you! I love birthdays...mine or anyone elses for that matter!!!

Hey your BF and my hubby and I have something in common....Y&R...oh I hate to admit it but....yes...we DVR and watch it each weeknight! The current storylines are driving me nuts...but I keep going back for more!!

Glad to hear that you are going to keep working off that debt. I can imagine what it will feel like to accomplish your goal of paying it all off...I know that you will do seem like such a strong and honorable\'ll do it! One day at a time.

Again...Happy Birthday Dianne!


Congrats on \'\'19 MONTHS GAMBLING FREEDOM \'\'WTG CLAPPING FOR YOU.. \'\'HAPPY BIRTHDAY A DAY LATE ..BUT HEY..\'\'Agree with \'Eastwesters thinking sounds good to me ; but I am a cg tooooooooo lmao..
About the debt.. \'WTG. whittling it down instead of bankrupsty.. \'\'I got mad \'\'when I found out how much the trustee for bankrupsty made and realized iffen I would have went that route. it would have meant chalking another amount up to gambling.......peeeeeffers that.. I got \'two jobs. lol
Glasses.. well prescription glasses here no matter what shade they are lol..
Periffeiral Vision. IMportant \'believe me. Don\'t wear anything that blocks that. I\'ts those side movements that could mean some one is next to you in traffic. Maybe a good looking dude.. lmao..
BE Well My friend.. Hope your boyfriend \'finds some esteem in job to \'help stop destroying his peace of mind with gambling.
Love yah Sandra...