If wishes were horses .......

....... beggars would ride.  How I wish I could work with the police to find out what my son is doing and the dealers who supply the "stuff".  I have phone #'s.  I have some pills.  If my son were a minor ~ I'd be right up there.  Unfortunately, the system makes it difficult for anyone to go to them for help and vice versa.  I helped the police in a number of ways when my son was using as an adolescent.  Now that he's an "adult" everything is punitive.  I'm not saying that consequences of drug use should be ignored but these consequences continue for a lifetime.  What if a person "rats" on another (motivation to get them help) not knowing for sure whether they may get sober on their own?  My mother-in-law and brother-in-law did.  They never had any legal issues nor did they go to AA.  
I was so tempted last night to talk to our local drug task force guy.  He was on our panel for our demonstration last fall.  I saw him at another event and I was so close.  Decided it wasn't such a good idea.  I just feel powerless and need to address this drug thing to my son.  Haven't brought it up in awhile.  Husband pretends it doesn't exist.  I've been doing that too out of survival.  Husband thinks since he's doing "better" that we must focus on the positive.  Positive is fine - I can do that but - it keeps coming back to me that we need to set some boundaries - rules - something!  



There is not just the legal repercussions for your son, but also the informal punitive consequences from the criminal side of the supply chain...I would be wary of any intervention on your part other than medical/therapy/support group. Do you want to take one of the pills to a private lab for eval? It might give you needed info if you had to take him to the hospital and/or decisions to ask him to leave.......I am hoping this is not the case! Take Care!!