If things dont Pile UP!!!!!

Well If one thing goes bad they all do!!!!  I can tell you from personal experience!  I think everything is working out then BAM!!!!!    The crapola hits the fan again!
If not at work then at home!
Yesterday I had a Double DOse!!!!  First  off The OLD MAN I work with literally threatened my LIFE!!!!  When I had to take off early to take my "lil one" to yet another Dr. Appt.  OOPS!  Two Dr. Appts....    He got all Pissy and said he would SLASH THROATS!!!!!!   I took that as a threat on my life!!!!  So I called my boss in LA and told her him or me!!! Well I am here again and he is still working but if he says 1 word I am GONE!!!!!!!!
Then I will file a complaint!!!!! 
But Second DOSE of CRAPOLA!!!!!!!  Daughter tested for hearing and testing FAILED!!!!!!  OMG!!!! What next!!???????  
ALSO she will be going through testing for her cleft palet???? and also ALLERGY TESTING!!!!! and OMG!!!! He wants to start her on new meds...... Poor child takes 7 pills a day now!!!!!
they stuck her 7 times yesterday!!!!  She is soooo tired!!!!   SO am I!!!!!   Can I actually continue to work and go to these appointments???????
They are like every Week!!!   I need some help here ladies!!!!! Some aAdvice!!!  I havent filed for anything yet,  Don't want to but want to know what I mean!!!!!




thank goodness she tested fine. sorry i had to go the other day. we had a therapy appt. Heck, all i can say is one day at a time. we had to go through some of this too, all the appts i mean. it wasn\'t fun but eventually we go through everything that i thought was important. why do they want to test her for cleft palate? allergy testing is a must. it sucks but very necessary for our kids. i learned what to avoid and tone down his eczema etc. eventually, he has grown out of some of the problems :D. i did eventually put an end to all the appts. cause i was asking myself and the doctors etc. \"how would the findings of the appt change our lives or change the way we are doing things?\" if there isn\'t a change for the better then there\'s no point for the appt. Lil one has alot going on though. i just remembered the sleeping issue or something with the eating. i can\'t remember which one. either way, for now just hang in there. i know it sucks big time. i remember with my soul and emotions. luv you very much. gret