If it isn't one thing then it's another...a blessing then a heartbreak

Had surgery on June 7th. God answered all the prayers being said for me. My surgeon had a big smile for me when I woke up. They didn't find pancreatic cancer as my scans and biopsy read. Instead I have bile duct cancer. It was localized and all removed plus a tumor in my stomach that was harmless. I still have to have chemo when I'm strong enough. This was a HUGE surgery and I have a long recovery. Frustrated with only being able to stand a few minutes at time before the pain gets too bad. Found my heating pad works well to alleviate the pain and keeps me from taking pain meds more than once a day.  The blessing is that even though bile duct cancer is very bad the outlook is much much better than with pancreatic which no matter what would have been death in too short of time.  Now, I don't have to think so much about how long do I have.  Could be a few years yes but just as easily could be til I die of old age. 
Again...What else could happen???? I was home from the hospital just ONE DAY when mom falls and fractures her pelvis. Into the hospital and then to a nursing home. Now she is back in the hospital after having a stroke 3 days ago and pneumonia on top of it. Now it's just waiting for her to succumb to the lack of fluids and food. Her Advanced Directive doesn't allow for any tubes or artificial respirators to keep her alive. I think it's awful not to give even an IV. Just think it's cruel. I haven't been able to go see her because of my condition. My heart is breaking.
Here I am with insomnia. Not a good sign at all.